Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Starting a blog


I'm Dennis. Should you have found your way here, chances are you already knew that. Anyway, welcome to my blog! Over the next twelve or so months I will be living and studying in China and here you will be able to follow my journey, or at the very least the part of my journey which I choose to share with you.

I am new to this blogging business and I have never as much as attempted running a blog before, so feel free to drop tips and suggestions in the comment section which I believe will be displayed at the end of every post.

Also, for the sake of learning purposes I will attach an image of the city that I will be living in.

Jinan, Mt. QianFoShan
This is Jinan, a picture taken, supposedly from Qian Fo Shan, which translates into Thousand Buddhas' Mountain.

The blog will solely be run in English and I look to update it weekly. Naturally, some weeks may bring more things to report, while some don't. But a post or two a week is what I aim for.

A blog post focusing more on who I am and my thoughts on moving to China for a year is likely to appear soon (a week or so). My university asked me to write a short introduction and I intend to either refer you to that one. Or if it takes too long for it to be published I will just drop it in another blog post.

One week until I depart. Bye for now!

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