Thursday, October 2, 2014

An amusement park is supposed to be crowded


What is this? Another update? Taxi fares and other dangers China has to offer has yet to succeed in keeping this blog from another post. Not that it hasn't tried. Did you know that the taxi has a whole lane to themselves, the side walk. Should they need to cross the road, they have what we in Sweden refer to as a pedestrian crossing. This post is about a whole different sort of danger. One that really isn't supposed to be interpreted in such a way.

We are going to an amusement park, keyword: amusement.


Ever since we got to China we have been getting a tremendous amount of help from a couple of Chinese students, and two students in particular. Alvis and Tiffany have been helping out whenever possible with all sorts of tedious things. I really don't like asking for help. But trying to acquire a service provider for you phone is difficult when you don't speak the language, and getting an actual decent provider prove to be difficult even when speaking the language. Anyway. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we can't wait to give something back and help them out with whatever problems they might have when they come to Sweden and Borås. Until then, arranging a trip to this entity of fun was the least we could do.

Europark Dream World - Where dreams are made and ponchos are mandatory.

I have never been to Disneyland/World however during our visit to this amusement park I was constantly told about the likenesses.

The princess was in another castle. This one housed sleeping Chinese parents instead.

The parade consisted of about 40 staff. An equal number was watching said parade.

Linn and Pierre was invited to join in but reluctantly had to refuse, they did not have the moves.

The actual roller coasters were not that bad. A bit jerky but quite fun. Their newest roller coaster though was up to par and super smooth.

The Chinese who I have always seen as very efficient did not really put that on display here. The queues where quite bad in relation to the amount of people visiting. When the water slide below only had a single boat going up and down with a capacity of twenty-ish people i found it hard to justify why. Surely there was no reason of not having a second one at the very least loading the next twenty people while the first boat was preparing for the drop. Anyway, this was seen all over the park and put a small damper on the experience.

if (nationality == "Chinese") { gear = poncho; }

People kept walking into my shot. I mean come on!


This very same day as our trip to the amusement park was the two-year anniversary of Linn and I. Woop woop.

On the way back home we separated from the pack and went out for some dinner at a great Korean BBQ. It was my first time at a place like this, so I guess I don't actually have another K-BBQ restaurant to compare it to, but we were both very satisfied and for all intents and purposes, it was great.

Happy anniversary, my love.

More photos!

Stop it, Tiffany!


Oh right! I should probably also mention that my application for residency has been collected and we are now all awaiting our results.

I trust the next post won't take another week. But there is a lot of school work to be done, so I can't make that promise knowing myself!


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