Sunday, September 14, 2014

First week of school


A week of lectures has passed and we were immediately hit with a lot of differences in comparison to how it usually goes down back home in Sweden. Our teachers have already presented us with our projects and essentially sent us on our merry way to work on them. The lectures have been filled with a lot of discussion, contrary to in Sweden where the teacher speaks most of the time.

Not to mention the materialistic differences.

The local Chinese enjoy her cubicle-styled desk.

It does the job.

Two hours into your school day, that chair is just as comfortable as anything else would be. You will have lost your senses by then. I only jest. It is not that bad.


And then we have the different good: The following pictures are taken just outside of the International students' building. These are all taken from the same spot, as a result of my laziness or perhaps more accurately, I forgot my camera when we toured another part of campus. I hope it can give you somewhat of an idea of the scope of the campus. If not, I think you will be able to piece it all together as I post more updates and pictures.

Along the lake/river it is common to see a group of 15-20 or so Chinese students practicing their English through just reading out loud all at once. Whatever works, right?

This is just a small part of the campus. In the other end there are a lot of student dormitories and stores. Supermarket, electronics. That sort of jazz. And then there is some construction going on elsewhere on campus. I have got no idea what they are building.

Anyway. It is definitely not something that you would see in Sweden. It doesn't come through in the photos, but the weather was great. Thirty degrees Celsius and I think I recall some sun shining through the thick smog hovering the province. It is certainly an environment one could quickly get used to being around.

Lake outside the International Students' Building.

I think that building houses some sports activities. There's also a boat.

A likely artificially created rock formation.

The mountains in the background are probably the same ones that I have a good view over from my bedroom.

A possible library.

The building in the far back is where our classroom is.  



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