Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shandong, Jinan


It has been a few days since I last posted. And the reason behind that is not cause of a lack of things to write about, but rather, our move to Jinan had left us without internet. Now that we have internet I'll catch you up on recent events.

We left Shanghai for a four hour long train ride. The speakers announced the Maglev train was named Harmony, and with that in mind all one could do was look out the window and try to get a feel for the sheer size of the city we were leaving.

Shortly after leaving Shanghai train station

It was difficult to tell when exactly we left Shanghai. The tall buildings kept popping up for a good thirty minutes and they did not relent. After a while I just had to assume that we had left Shanghai and entered a neighboring city.

For a good two or so hours we sped past city after city before we eventually hit farmland. So far China had not only been incredibly populated but also a very flat country. With about 20 minutes left of our journey some mountains began to appear.

Eventually we hit the station and was quickly greeted by our university contact, Mr Johnson. He brought us to a minibus that would carry us an hour or so through and out of Jinan centre and finally to campus. During the ride he shared with us some history of Jinan and other tidbits of information.

When we arrived we were quickly handed keys to our apartments and given fifteen minutes to have a look around and leave our luggage before we headed for our next stop, a rather deserted shopping center of sorts with a supermarket inside. Well inside we tried to find the bare necessities before it was time to leave for our apartments again - and this time for a good nights sleep.


At the time I am writing this post, our classes has started, and I shall try to bring you up to speed as best I can. Soon enough I believe things will slow down and there won't be too much exciting stuff to report.



Here's a few pictures of the apartment.

Yup. Power outlet to the left, shower to the right.

Merry Christmas!


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